A huge Thank You!

A huge Thank You!

Dear Lingerie Lovers,

As my brand Loveday London turns 5 years old, I am thrilled to be writing this post of complete and utter thanks and gratitude. This is set to be the one of Loveday London's most exciting years to-date, so please stay tuned and keep a close eye on us in the coming months!

As the Founder and Creative Director of Loveday London, I usually prefer to hide behind our stunning images of luxurious lingerie, incredible models, and let all our hard work do the talking, however I thought since it’s our birthday I would say hello and more importantly, a huge thank you from myself and the team!

luisa loveday

So, Hello!

I’m Luisa Loveday (actually christened this name, thanks Mum and Dad!) I have a passion for all things romance; lace, silk, roses, poetry, lipstick, fashion, love stories and leopard print (is that romantic?!). My desire for all things feminine propelled me into the world of lingerie and well, it was a perfect fit!

I founded the brand following rewarding roles at Coco de Mer and Fleur of England. These were the start of my successful career path which has lead me to feel very proud in what I have created in Loveday London.

When it came to launching a brand, I didn't necessarily take the most conventional route but I’ve always had the moral support of my gorgeous husband who believes in the brand and everything I have planned for its future. I launched in 2014 with the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections and also happened to be 7 months pregnant at our first wholesale show (some may say crazy I know)! Our daughter is now 5 too and she now has a little baby brother who is 1. Although my children have kept me incredibly busy throughout the last five years, they have also kept me sane during any stressful times (which as I’m sure you can imagine there have been a few!).

When starting Loveday London I always wanted it to be a brand with a strong identity, its own unique selling point and immediately identifiable designs. That's where the 'Hardcore Romance' aesthetic came in, and a vision of leather and lace ensued. 

As you may know, the sizing system that I created and patented has been a huge success and continues to develop into new and exciting garments! We have developed a dynamic portfolio of wholesale stockists and have you, our fiercely loyal customer base who order season after season (and a returns rate of less than 5%!), and because we’re still a small business we’re able to respond to your requests relatively quickly.

We are increasing our size range for Autumn/Winter 19 and Spring/Summer 20 will see the launch of a new vegan leather range – we couldn’t be more excited!

It is incredibly important to me that all Loveday London’s garments are made in Britain. We have our very own machinists based in Wales who lovingly create our seasonal designs. It's important to say that nothing would be possible without our Brand and Design Manager Sophie who has taken the reigns whilst I have recently been on a (sort of!) maternity leave. Words cannot express my thanks to the entire Loveday London team.

The arrival of our Autumn/Winter 2019 collections marks the 5th Anniversary of the brand and each collection stays true to our Hardcore Romance spirit – here’s an exclusive sneak peek of each:

Autumn/Winter 2019 - Le Rouge 

Autumn/Winter 2019 - Fenella

Autumn/Winter 2019 - Koressia

Autumn/Winter 2019 - Cècile 

These collections are each inspired by one of my original muses, the rose. We cannot wait (!) to launch them and are working hard to produce them to the luxury standard that you have come to know and love. 

If you would like more of a glimpse into behind the scenes of Loveday London, please do let me know, we'd love to share more! 

I am so thankful to all of you, our gorgeous customers, friends and family for making Loveday London the brand it is today, and like I said earlier, please stay tuned and sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear our exciting news!

With love always,

Luisa and the team at Loveday London